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Scientific research

Aici sunt prezentate câteva dintre proiectele de cercetare implementate (sau în curs de implementare) de catre S.C. SSI Bucovina S.A. în colaborare cu parteneri recunoscuti pe acest plan în România.

TerraRisc – Decisional support for the management of the landslide risk on geographical natural disaster exposed area.

MoniTraf – Information system for online management of urban traffic, citizen mobility with confort and safety conditions, as an endourable development component into european context.

SmartBus – Innovative solutions for intelligent vehicles for a more appropriate public transport, respecting tough rules of new Europeans laws

IntelShop – Technological platform for an intelligent infrastructure for the retail activity, with mobile access facilities.

EcoDin – Spatial and time dimensions of aquatic ecosystems characteristics - stability criterion of ecologic dinamics.

- Ecologic technologies for advanced integration of the industrial wastes for a more apropiate development sustain.

- Involvement and integration of scientific comunity group from North-East of Romania area to participate on international research programs in the field of the aplied information technologies.

SIM-SPACE -Multiple sensor simulator for the navigation inside virtual environments, based on virtual reality technologies.

ZONEMAP - Automatic telesystem for the online management of the degraded inside cities areas.

SIPATEL - High performance information system for the management and analitic work of the warehouses and transport based on electronic tickets.

INFOTRAFIC - Pioneer advanced platform for the online management of informations regardering automobiles traffic and transport, with raliation of socio-economic environment evolution at national level and european integration requests.

TRAFICPOL - Management technology for pallution level and impact decrease in city transport against natural environment.

OVCONLACT - Dedicated software for the sheaps milk prediction progress.

eTIC - New tehnology for electronic tickets and the management of transactions in the urban transport for public.

RO_Tematic_Tur - Romanian tourism potential valuation, throught dedicated offerts, objective involvement to themathical courses online generated and managed.

Turism AVL - Open platform based on new technologies for mobile communications for traveling services in tourist areas.

BIOSAFE - Multiple sensors platform based on biometrical technologies for the management of the restricted areas access.

Projects websites



TraficPol online

TraficPol mobile

Turism AVL - Complete

Turism AVL - For maintenance
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