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Software development

  SSI Bucovina has high skill in designing and the development of applications and information systems for the beneficiars of the socio-economical areas and branches very different between. Hardware and software platforms most used on romanian market.

  Our company has been extended with the development of real time applications (with very complex hardware and software interface) for the control and assistance of industrial proccesses in the fields of: environment protection, ecology, wood industry, paper and cardboard industry, topometric computer assisted software design, online for civil and industrial building assistance, mechanichal engineering, architecture prototypes.

 Various application for databases management. We can remaind ones of them:
    - Patrimonial values for the management of systems in working with databases,
    - Dedicated system working with databases, with etnogeographical informations and the geographical areas representation,
    - Sanitar and preventive medicine on border dounes online monitoring of the activities relates of transborder and patologic consecvences,
    - Human population datebases.

  A very interesting software for virtual rebuilding of istorical sites (throne fortress of Suceava City).
Awarded diplomas

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